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Whomp! was described to me as a ‘wonderful web comic about a funny round man who does funny round man activities’. Since being shown the regularly updated web comic it’s made me blow air lightly through my nose numerous times.

This simple to build, rounded paper craft was designed for the Whomp! web store as a downloadable product. You can check out the product page here. The description is charming :

” Here’s your chance to take on the meticulous, yet rewarding task of printing, cutting and assembling a little paper Ronnie of your very own! He will sit proudly on your finest shelf until the moment you hear a vehicle pull into your driveway.

In a frantic mess, you’ll grab the portly paper man and toss it behind a book case, lest someone drill you on the particulars of the object, forcing you to reveal the horrible truth that you, too, are a Ronnie.”

Original Artwork