Need a custom paper craft designed by an expert?

Professional paper engineer.

Alex Josephine Gwynne is a graphic designer and paper engineer with over a decade of experience designing paper toys and paper crafts.

Alex has turned their obsession with paper based design into a career designing for a wide verity of clients including game developers, book publishers and educational providers. Their constant drive to create engaging paper products and international exhibition pieces has lead to numerous awards and seen their work featured in news papers, magazines and BBC television. Overall Alex believes in the power of paper as a 3D medium and lives by the mantra “limitation breeds innovation” striving to find elegant solutions to complex problems.


  How long will it take to design X?

I pride myself on my quick turnaround times. Over the last 10 years I’ve developed my own system for designing paper craft models quickly and effectively. How long a project will take to design depends on how complicated both the shape of the model is and how detailed the texture of the model is. Designing a simple toy can be finished as quickly as a working day or two.

  How did you get into paper toy design? 

I originally found out about papertoys during my GCSE art exams, the final exams in UK schools, I wanted to make urban plastic toys but lacked the funds to buy clay and silicon moulding equipment. Instead I designed a set of paper toys, falling in love with paper engineering in the process. I’m still designing paper toys over 10 years later.

  What paper would you recommend we use?

In general, I use 150-200gsm card stock, the cheapest I can find when designing and building models. Most models available for download on the Fold Up Toys will recommend a specific thickness of card on the bottom of the page. I’d also recommend using matt card and not gloss.

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Approximately how much do you think it will cost?
Simple Design

PTI - Christmas Paper Toy - Sad Penguin Image - Main£120+

Perfect for those who want to create something for a younger audience, basic designs don’t involve in-depth paper engineering or construction techniques. Great for if you need something quick and simple to both design and build.

Advanced Design

THU - Nintendo Labo Robot Paper Toy Craft Image - Thumbnail£250+

Love the advanced paper engineering that goes into Fold Up Toys project?  If you’re looking for a product that’s just as engaging flat as it is built, this is the style of model for you and your project.

Most Popular
Complex Design


Are you making a ready for retail product? In need of a multiple page, double sided design? Perhaps you’re looking for a scale replica of a land mark, vehicle or moving mechanism.

Full Time

PTI - Dork Droid Robot paper toy photo - 1£2950+

You can hire Alex as a full time paper engineer working 9-5 on any project that you can think of. Whether you need someone to design paper models for an ongoing project or need an expert in the field of folding paper to work as an adviser and help you avoid costly mistakes.

These are just rough guidelines to give you an idea of the costs involved, every project is different so please use the contact form above to tell me about your project and I can give you a more accurate quote for design.