Creationist Cat is a satirical Youtube channel about a cat who was “zapped” by God through the internet, granting him super intelligence and telekinetic powers, which he used to spread the word of Christ.  The character of Creationist Cat often finds himself in online debates with online sceptics, who despite seeing a talking, super intelligent cat, demand more proof of the lords power. In 2020 the Youtube channel changed gears to tackle more mature and nuanced topics, but often still features wacky visuals of power infused felines.

I was commissioned to create a set of downloadable models as rewards for the channels online Patroen campaign for various holidays and events such as Christmas, Halloween and the 4th of July.

The series of toys for Creationist Cat offered some unique problems. The initial set of three toys featured a very detailed style, with a focus on making sure the cat’s fur properly wraps and curves around the face and tail.

Refference Images