The Herd of Sheffield was a charity event held in the summer of 2016 in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Wild in Art organised the public art trail which was run in aid of the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity. The theme of the project revolved around a series of elephant sculptures that were customised by local artists. In total, 58 large elephant sculptures were designed and auctioned to raise money for the Sheffield Children’s hospital.

This model was designed as a downloadable reward for those following the Herd of Sheffield using the Herd app.

Participants were encouraged to visit a number of elephant sculptures that had been customised by local artists. Using the app, participants could scan a QR code found on each sculptures base to receive discounts from local stores as well as this papercraft after a number of codes had been scanned. The model was blank allowing people to draw their own design onto the elephant much like the local artists had with the larger sculptures.