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Detailed Texture
Advanced Paper Engineering

About This Project

This highly intelligent exploration robot is searching the universe all alone.

This model features a heavily detailed texture and advanced paper engineering techniques resulting in a simple to build model.
Designed for the Urban Paper Collective in the model was originally released in 2016 alongside other members robotic themed paper toys.

How To Build

1 – Download
Click the download button above to receive a .zip folder, inside this you will find the flat template of the paper toy along with a reference photo. Selected Fold Up Toys also include blank versions of the template. Open the flat template in your image viewer/editor of choice and print.

2- Print
Print the model onto paper or card, Fold Up Toys recommends a 250gsm card stock for best results, however all models on the Fold Up Toys website should work perfectly well on standard A4 printer paper. On the bottom of the flat template you will see a recommended card stock weight (e.g. 2050gsm) for this models specific design.

3 – Cut
Cut the model out along the solid outline, some models will have sections that need to be cut with a craft knife, younger builders are recommended to get help from an adult.

4 – Fold
Follow the key on the models flat template, folding up or down along the dotted lines as instructed. Some model builders like to score along the fold lines (go over the lines in advance) with a craft knife or empty ball point pen to get a more precise fold.

5 – Glue
Most models have numbered tabs, glue the tabs in order to complete the model. If you get stuck, feel free to message the designer using the contact page with a photo of what you’re working on and they’ll be happy to help you.

Share your creation on social media, it’s always fun to see Fold Up Toys out in the wild.

Change Log

 05/03/2015 Model released for download.

 01/06/2017 Model released onto FUT website, linking to UPC download.

 03/01/2019 Model download re-directed to FUT server after numerous requests.

Character Backstory

The year is 4075, humanity has advanced significantly in the last 2000 years and now space travel within our solar system is the norm. The human race has built 3 large colonies throughout neighboring planets and a sprawling city shimmers on the surface of mars as the sun bathes it in light.

The human race’s current super powers, England and Mars colony BA-12 fight for technological dominance in order to prove superiority and become known as the leaders of human advancement. This results in a new space-race as both sides design marvelous technological creations to explore beyond our own solar system, examine nearby asteroids and take scientific samples of previously unknown elements found only within the vacuum of space.

X-Plore was the final creation of this race. Mars colony BA-12 created X-Plore as the follow up to their extremely successful W-Plore space exploration probe. The on-board AI of the distinctly humanoid shaped probe had become well known for being decades ahead of its time, being able to answer complex question, learn by observing, and was even reported to understand sarcasm. Crowds gathered for the X-Plore probe launch as the human race watched with bated breath as the countdown to launch began. Moments after the shuttle launched the mission control team began communications with the X-Plore probe and continued to monitor the missions advancement until the probe reached the edge of the solar system. Beyond this point there was no way of communicating back to mission control the last message sent by the probe was a simple but haunting phrase, “I’m scared”.

Humanity wept as it realized that it had for the first time created its own artificially intelligent create, and instantly launched it into the abyss to suffer an eternity of aimless wondering through the cold and lonely void of space.

Client : Urban Paper Collective

FUT Client Image - Urban Paper CollectiveThe Urban Paper Collective is a group of experts in the paper engineering and paper-toy design field. Comprised of many of the worlds most well known and skilled creators the group hosts a yearly exhibition, pooling their talent into one locations as well as offering a number of exclusive downloadable models on their Website. Since the groups creation I have been a contributing member of the group attending many of the exhibitions and producing different downloadable models to fit the groups yearly themes. 

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