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Slot Together
Minimal ENKL Design
Client : Twinkl Educational Publishing

Enkl was a sub brand of Twinkl, a digital educational publisher, created to design high quality printable craft products aimed at the Pintrest marketplace. The brand has a set of strict guidelines including only sixteen colours and complex rules about how lines would interact with one another across each design. The brand was short lived but many paper toys and crafts were created in the line before being discontinued due to low downloads and user conversions. 

About Project

This Set of six cacti paper toys were created as cute little desk audoments, simple to build and fun to display.  The majority of the cacti use slot together paper engineering to give what would otherwise be a flat design some weight.

Designer Notes

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Enkl AT-AT


Enkl X-Wing


Enkl TIE Fighter


Twinkl – Icosahedron Baubles