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About This Project

This dynamically posed paper toy was created for, and featured in an issue of Nintendo Force Magazine. It’s a model of the Nintendo Labo Robot presented in a clean minimal style.

The design features some advanced paper engineering techniques and adds some motion to what could otherwise be a blocky stationery model. You can also find the model in a digital format on the Nintendo Force issue page here.


Alex Josephine Gwynne is a graphic designer and paper engineer with over a decade of experience designing paper toys and paper crafts.

Alex has turned their obsession with paper based design into a career designing for a wide verity of clients including game developers, book publishers and educational providers. Their constant drive to create engaging paper products and international exhibition pieces has lead to numerous awards and seen their work featured in news papers, magazines and BBC television. Overall Alex believes in the power of paper as a 3D medium and lives by the mantra “limitation breeds innovation” striving to find elegant solutions to complex problems.


Nintendo Power is no more. The announcement went out in August 2012, and the magazine’s final issue launched the following December. The original publication made to be the source of news, previews and reviews of the Nintendo video game scene was unplugged – but its legacy didn’t die. A new team of writers, artists and designers took up the torch. Calling themselves “The Nintendo Force,” they sought to usher in a new era of Nintendo coverage in magazine form, paying homage to Power’s past while moving forward to embrace the future.

The debut issue of NF Magazine launched on January 11, 2013 as a print-on-demand publication and quickly soared to become the most popular single issue ever sold through Thousands of readers stepped up to join the Force, and the call went out that they wanted full subscriptions. We obliged, and those thousands are now still enjoying what was thought to be lost – the excitement of new, Nintendo-focused magazines arriving in the mailbox.

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