Victory Heat Rally Racer

Victory Heat Rally is a “neo super scaler” racing game that features fast paced arcade style game play & tight drifting mechanics.

This downloadable paper craft of one of the cars in the game was designed as a promotional reward for the games upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

To create the model I created a new design merging the most recognisable aspects of the in-game pixel art and more detailed car selection art. The design used a ‘soft’ colour limiter to give a retro pixel art style without loosing any of the detail used to bring the design to life. On February 28th 2020, the development team released an early alpha demo that you can download & play here.

The Victory Heat Rally team have kindly allowed this paper toy to be available for Fold Up Club members, so that fans of my folding work don’t feel like they’re missing out on this Kickstarter reward.

Make sure you’re logged into Patreon and have the correct reward tier selected. Please note, because this product is a digital download there is no physical product to be shipped or mailed, this includes the mailing of the flat pre-printed sheets the product is delivered as a digital .ZIP file and is intended to be printed using a home based printer.

If you’re already a Patreon supporter, make sure you’re currently logged into Patreon and then click to download link under the tab marked “Patreon” above. The .zip file should automatically download.
Print the template file using your home printer. Most of the designs on Fold Up Toys are designed to work best with 200gsm A4 cardstock, as it’s cheaply available, however the designs should still work with standard printer paper if none is available.
Score Folds (optional)
Using empty ball point pen, bone folder or craft knife, lightly press along the fold lines of the template, with enough force to score the page without cutting all the way through. This will make it easier to fold the page where needed without creasing the page and give a cleaner, more accurate edge. If you are a younger builder, please seek adult supervision.
Carefully cut out the template along the solid cut lines, some cut lines will shift between two colours to better contrast the texture of the model, be sure to look for smaller cut lines within the model that may require a craft knife. If you are a younger builder, please seek adult supervision.
Following the folding key found on the bottom of the page, fold along the dotted lines, being sure to fold hill folds downwards and valley folds upwards.
Carefully glue the tabs, most Fold Up Toy templates use numbered tabs to help show the recommended order that tabs should be glued down in. It’s recommended to use a small amount of PVA glue applied with a small paint brush, apply the glue to the tabs in small, thin layers so that when the tab is pressed down, the glue does not get squeezed out and stain the rest of the model.
Share your freshly made Fold Up Toy with the world! Nothing makes a designers day quite like seeing people building their models, feel free to tag @folduptoys on Twitter or Instagram or use the hashtag #folduptoys.
Having Trouble?
If you’re confused or stuck, feel free to reach out the the designer using the contact page on the Fold Up Toys website if you need help.

Thank you for your support.