Punk’s Not Dead

“I’m in a band” Sarah proudly proclaims to the group, before immediately being cut off with crude jokes about xylophones and rib cages. Life, or after-life as a musical skeleton has many draw backs, the lack of ears, the clattering of bones but the thing Sarah the skeleton finds the most infuriating is the xylophone jokes. “I play the keyboard!” she screams as everybody turns to look.

Punk’s Not Dead is a one page one piece paper toy template with some interesting folds and interlocking leg system.

‘Punk’s not dead’ as in “the musical genre ‘punk’ is not dead, I still listen to it regularly” but also it could mean “oh no, that specific punk is not dead, even though they are a skeleton”.

This Fold Up Club exclusive toy expired on the 5th of September 2021 and is currently unavailable to download.

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