Pride Mech Suit

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This model was an experiment in viewing the building process as a theatrical event. This means that parts of the model come together in a particular order, hiding where the face of the mech is before dramatically revealing it at the last possible moment. This model features a rainbow covered mech suit with a pilot hidden inside as well as a cute robot sidekick. The set is on a single A4 Page and each model consists of only a singular piece.


This model is already available to Patreon supporters on, there you can gain access to a growing library of exclusive paper toys including this model for just £5 a month.

This product is a digital download, simply download the files, print the sheets, build the model and enjoy your creation. Please note, because this product is a digital download there is no physical product to be shipped or mailed, this includes the mailing of the flat pre-printed sheets. 

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