Flamingone UFO

Silently the night sky glows as the Zinaughts flying saucer surveys the swamp land below for their latest research mission on a little ‘mud ball’ planet called Earth. They finally set down to engage in first context with what is presumable the dominant intelligent specie of the planet, considering their large numbers and social complex  groups. They stand on one leg as they discuss all manor of things and prey on weaker and less organized life forms in the shallow water they stand above. After some lackluster results, the saucer takes off once more to return to home base and report their findings, when suddenly ‘smack’ they hit a whole flamingo. “What if this is their leader?” they cry as they now prepare for a possible intergalactic war.

The paper model consists of a single piece across a single A4 page and features some advanced paper engineering such as the landing legs of the saucer all being tightly tucked inside the saucers circumference on the template.

This Fold Up Club exclusive toy expired on the 5th of July 2021 and is currently unavailable to download.

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