Cloud Crasher

The famous biplane the Cloud Crasher is ready for its performance at the bi-yearly aviation fair. The crowd cheers as their favorite plane begins a spectacular series of stunning stunts before dipping its wings as it circles the onlookers below. The crowd mutters between themselves as they notice two words scrawled onto the top wing ‘forget me’ before anyone has time to figure out what this cryptic message could mean the Cloud Crasher slowly ascends into the sky, going further and further up until it slowly fades from view.

To this day no one knows what happened to the Cloud Crasher or its pilot, there’s no log of it landing on any nearby airstrip. The disappearance has now become a local urban legend with many different theories as to what happened, everything from the pilot having a heart attack, to the plane being stolen by a trouble making goose. Some even claim to have seen the Cloud Crasher as a spectral form, haunting airstrips with a ghostly skeleton lifelessly huddled in the cockpit.

This one page Fold Up Toy consists of two pieces, the fuselage and the wings and has a set of three optional pilots.

This Fold Up Club exclusive toy expired on the 5th of February 2022 and is currently unavailable to download.

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