These models were created as part of the Twinkl Christmas 2017 range. The models feature a clean and minimal style using simple shapes. Twinkl is a digital educational publisher, creating digital resources for teachers to use in the classroom with children of all ages. I worked for Twinkl as a graphic designer and paper engineer for three years creating hundreds of educational paper crafts for use in the classroom and at home.

The Bobble Head Santa model features “hidden maths” a concept created for the Enkl range, which was cancelled just before work on this holiday papercraft selection began. For example, the brim of the hat, the top of the hat as well as the belt and trim of the coat all share the same width and have the origin point at the top of the cone. The distance between the belt and trim also share this width as do the gloves and sleeve trim. The result is a simple and clean looking model that is pleasing to the eye, even if the end user isn’t sure why.

Many sketches, designs and concepts that were planed to be part of the Enkl Christmas range were moved to the main range which may explain why the 2017 Christmas selection of papertoys has an even mixture of clean and minimal pieces and more traditionally Twinkl styled resources.