This series of models was designed as a promotional item for the indie game Paranautical Activity.

Paranautical Activity is a first person bullet hell, rouge like dungeon exploration game. Featuring a haunted underwater theme and pixelated voxel art style the game is sure to give the player just the right balance of chills and thrills. Before the games release I was in contact with the developers working on a set of downloadable paper-toys featuring the games bosses, later down the line the game became the source of a large controversy after one of the developers tweeted something they really shouldn’t have. It’s because of this controversy these models have remained buried in my portfolio for so long.

Today the game has been revived with Paranautical Activity : Deluxe Atonement Edition which is available for P.C. and consoles.

This was an interesting project to work on, the character designs in the game are heavily reliant on glowing areas and floating joints, both of which aren’t possible with paper crafts. Instead I had to simplify aspects of the character design, such that floating joints were now joined together and glowing elements were brightly coloured texture which glowed outwards effecting other parts of the design.

Another challenge this project brought was properly displaying the voxel block style of art without creating a toy with 1000 different sections. The result was a set of toys that appears to be made out of smaller cubes, but used shapes that were simplified, focusing on an aspect of each character that was unique to their design, such as the skulls agape mouth and the crabs long spindly legs.

– Print
Print the model onto paper or card, Fold Up Toys recommends a 250gsm card stock for best results, however all models on the Fold Up Toys website should work perfectly well on standard A4 printer paper. On the bottom of the flat template you will see a recommended card stock weight (e.g. 250gsm) for this models specific design.

– Cut
Cut the model out along the solid outline, some models will have sections that need to be cut with a craft knife, younger builders are recommended to get help from an adult.

– Fold
Follow the key on the models flat template, folding up or down along the dotted lines as instructed. Some model builders like to score along the fold lines (go over the lines in advance) with a craft knife or empty ball point pen to get a more precise fold.

– Glue
Most models have numbered tabs, glue the tabs in order to complete the model. If you get stuck, feel free to message the designer using the contact page with a photo of what you’re working on and they’ll be happy to help you.

– Share
Share your creation on social media, it’s always fun to see Fold Up Toys out in the wild. Be sure to share it with the designer @folduptoys on Twitter and Instagram. You can also e-mail a photo to