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Fold Up Friends is a paper craft ecosystem with a focus on character customisation and interchangeable accessories.  The basic template uses only six tab but includes five separate accessory ports to allow for removable hats, backpacks, masks, tools and much, much more. This easy to assemble paper building system is constantly expanding to include new characters, accessories and playsets.

Change Log

20/06/2022 Beta 0.1 : This initial release features interactive print options within the Default Character PDF, meaning you can click the options you’d like such as ‘blank template’ and the file will update allowing you to print. I was planning to implement this for the basic accessories pack too, but found that because ‘buttons’ automatically rise to the top of a PDF file system as I panned it was effectively broken. I’ll find a work around and update the .zip for the next update.

21/06/2022 Beta 0.2 : Interactive PDF elements have been removed as they did not work on Apple systems such as MacBook’s or iPads. It’s a shame, but it’s more important to focus on making the files accessible rather than fancy at this stage. The .zip has now been updated with standard .png files instead.

22/06/2022 – New Release :Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody from Toy Story.

15/07/2022 Beta 0.3 : New accessory port added to the front of the template, this can be used to add masks, helmets or body accessories.

29/08/2022 Beta 2.0 : New beta pack released with the new improved accessory ports and new Fold Up Friend scale. The default size has been made smaller so that accessories can fit onto the same page as the toy itself, rather than having to be spread across a second page. All existing characters have been re-released with these template changes.

30/08/2022 – New Release : Black Panther, Shuri, Killmonger (Panther Suit), Killmnger (Heist Outfit) and Killminger (Duel Outfit).

07/09/2022 Beta 2.1 : The layout of the default A4 Fold Up Friends template has been rearranged to better fit the elements. Now the ‘Friend’ is located on the right hand side, giving the optional bottom and optional legs more room. Existing friends will not be updated at this stage, however new releases will use this template moving forwards. New Namor template released using this new style.

09/09/2022 – New Release : Samus/Metroid friend released.

22/09/2022 – Updates : Samus updated with a new helmet, arm cannon and additional Metroid head piece. New photos for Samus and Buzz Lightyear have been uploaded, using a new rotational plate system.

18/05/2023 – Major Update : Fold Up Freinds v2.1 is released, with a new template along with two new characters using the design, Peter Parker and Miles Morales Spider-Man.