Tofu Tractor

As the days get longer and the sun shines longer the humble tofu farmer wakes up every day to tend to their tofu crops. You may ask yourself “does that mean that the farmer themselves is both made of tofu and yet is growing tofu doesn’t that raise some serious questions about sentience in the world you’ve just painted as background noise for this paper toy” and you’d be right, I however do not plan to answer those deep and mysterious questions.

This 1 page paper toy consists of 2 parts, the tractor and the tofu farmer. Behind the wheels are little tabs that can be pushed upwards allowing the wheels to collapse downwards to give the impression the tractor is broken down so that the tofu farmer can fix it.

The download includes the standard single sided A4 template as well as a blank version for customization, a bladeless version to save on ink costs as well as a double sided front and back print with corresponding back-printing tabs to make building a little easier.

This Fold Up Club exclusive toy expired on the 5th of March 2022 and is currently unavailable to download.

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