Mother Clucker

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The adorable yet surprisingly violent war between the Fuzzy Chicks and the Fuzzy Bunnies wages on, this ancient blood feud continues under the radar of the average person, until Easter when craft store shelves become crowded with recruits from both factions desperately trying to infiltrate the baskets of unsuspecting shoppers and expand their territory into their homes.

This year the war has taken a technological turn with the Fuzzy Chicks building the ‘Mother Clukcer’ mech suit. Now you can help them win the war by picking up a pack of Fuzzy Chicks and building them an armored mobile suit to fight off their enemies.

This Fold Up Club exclusive toy expired on the April 20th 2022 and is currently unavailable to download. This toy will be made for download again leading up to Easter in 2023.

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