Aqua Marine

The Ford GPA ‘Seep’ was an amphibious version of the World War II Ford GPW jeep. Unlike the jeep, the seep was not a successful design; it was considered too slow and heavy on land, and lacked sufficient seagoing abilities in open water.

During one of the ‘seep jeeps’ many deployments, the vehicle slowly traversed a lake, only to become engulfed in a heavy fog. When the jeep crawled back onto land on the adjacent side of the lake, the driver and passenger were missing, replaced with a dead fish. The lake had accepted the army’s offering, for now.

This model is a three piece design, the exterior and interior sections of the ‘seep jeep’ are separate parts and the third is the removable fish ‘driver’.

I always like to try and fit a paper engineering gimmick into my Fold Up Club models and this design is no different. The front of the jeep is made by compacting a larger surface which simultaneously makes the ‘bump’ visible on the front, but also created the two connecting rods that connect the ‘bump’ to the windshield. The two connecting rods are then the exact angle necessary to fill in the gap created by compressing the larger surface!

This Fold Up Club exclusive toy expired on the 5th of August 2021 and is currently unavailable to download.

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