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Client : Twinkl Educational Publishing

Sheffield College Client Thumbnail TemplateThe Sheffield College was founded in 1989, following the merger of various colleges. In May 1995, the college was described as being the biggest in Britain. In 2003, the college launched a new ‘federal structure’, a reorganization that ‘sought to create a greater voice for students and a better organisational structure for its workforce’. I worked with The Sheffield College working as some what of a “poster child” designing  paper models as promotional material as well as being asked to represent the college at various events. 

About Project

This model was designed as a promotional item for The Sheffield College’s “What’s Next?” event, in which students from surrounding schools were invited to see what further educational facilities were available for them. The model was designed to be extremely quick to build and stack, creating a wall of models that could be given out to students. I was attending the event on behalf of The Sheffield College, talking to the students about my experience with higher education at Norton college whilst I build the model and displayed some of my other designs.

Designer Notes

One of the stranger moments in my carrier was at the What’s Next event. I was manning a booth talking to students and showcasing my designs, offering this paper toy as an exclusive to the event. Meanwhile a table just within my view was also offering a paper toy I designed to entice students to their booth. It was the Sheffield University Technical Collage. It was strange seeing my models being pitted against one another like that. If you’re interested, you can also download this block model here as a reward for reading my thoughts.

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