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Electracer Character Bio

Unlike our current fossil fueled F1 cars, future racers are powered by tiny nuclear reactors producing immense amounts of energy, allowing the events to become so high-speed that the races only last 10 seconds at a time.

Within these intense races the speeds exceed that of the sound barrier and a single wrong move can result in a catastrophic crash, so the cars are driven by tried and tested robots. These robots are the only thing with reactions fast enough to keep these violent vehicles from becoming nothing but scrap and fire. Download and build your own Electracer in the comfort of your own home, just print, cut, fold and glue.

Group : Urban Paper Collective

FUT Client Image - Urban Paper CollectiveThe Urban Paper Collective is a group of experts in the paper engineering and paper-toy design field. Comprised of many of the worlds most well known and skilled creators the group hosts a yearly exhibition, pooling their talent into one locations as well as offering a number of exclusive downloadable models on their Website. Since the groups creation I have been a contributing member of the group attending many of the exhibitions and producing different downloadable models to fit the groups yearly themes. 

Minimal Santa


Simple Robot