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Santa Clause
Client : Twinkl Educational Publishing

FUT Client Image - TwinklTwinkl is a digital educational publisher, creating digital resources for teachers to use in the classroom with children of all ages. I worked for Twinkl as a graphic designer and paper engineer for three years creating hundreds of educational paper crafts for use in the classroom and at home. As Twinkl offers the paper crafts as part of their subscription model none of the work I designed whilst with the company are available for download on the Fold Up Toys website, but are available though Twinkl for subscribers.

About Project

This model was created as part of the Twinkl Christmas 2016 range. The model was designed to hold a weight at the bottom (coins or similar) which allowed the model to be knocked over and then stand back up. The model had a three part connection, the head slipping onto a smaller box which in turn slipped over the neck section of the body without the need for glue making it easier to retrieve the weight and also make it easier to build the body as the neck acts as a large set of tabs.

Designer Notes

Uploading these models fills me with nostalgia. When I built the models everyone would come by my desk to see what I was working on and watching them knock over these toys to see them rise again was a lot of fun. People looked so shocked at such a simple concept.

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