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Spark Plug Character Bio

Running around the cluttered desks of its owner, the Spark Plug recharging unit detects when devices such as mobile phones or game consoles are low on battery and slowly recharges them without its owner having to plug anything in. The Spark Plug unit uses its large antenna into nearby plug sockets to fill its own internal batteries and then redirects that energy into the users devices.

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Designers Notes

The design process for Spark Plug was all a little backwards. Designing the shape first as somewhat of an experiment, focusing on the models feat or legs and how they would fold inwards to create four points. The texture was originally going to be extremely detailed to fit into a range of other four legged robots, however once I started applying larger shapes to the template as a basic guide for myself I fell in love with the minimal and blocky texture work.

I’m going to stop typing this now, it’s really cold in the office, windy outside, the windows are poorly sealed to the wind just comes in. My fingers are currently locked in a “typing” shape, I need to warm up in the living room for a moment.

Change Log

+   07/06/2017 – New version of Fold Up Toys website launched, with the aim of providing better loading times and better categorization. Website fixed with help from Smart-hosting team as well as Google Garage team. New version of the toy features cleaner tabs, redefined colours and new more clean layout style. The new toy page also features “in context file preview”. Now all downloads for toys are ZIP documents with multiple files inside to make downloads faster and less storage intensive.

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