PTI Pixel Maximum Car Lord-GT Paper Toy Image Main
Pixelated Voxel Style
“Baked in” Lighting

About Project

Creating vehicle paper toys for Maximum Car was a fun project to work on. I’d already experimented with the voxel style whilst working on toys for Paranaughtical Activity and I was eager to re-visit the style and put everything I had learnt since into practice. The designs had to fit onto a single A4 page and both cars needed to be in scale to one another. Initially I was only working on a single car, the Lord-GT, but we decided to create another one after my calendar cleared up.

The lighting of the toys is “baked in” meaning any lighting is just a printed texture. To make the headlights and police sirens look like they’re glowing I made sure that other parts of the car were affected by the lights, such as any voxels surrounding glowing elements.

Designers Notes

Here’s something interesting for any fellow toy designers reading, I’ve noticed a trend when it comes to designing paper craft cars… The “car bow effect”.

Because paper toy cars often have long sides with straight edges the card or paper will often bow outwards or inwards under the stress of the rest of the model, making the wheels face strange angles and overall ruining the desired look of the toy. The way I’ve countered this effect with the Maximum Car models is to add a strut underneath the models that forces the centre of this long straight section outward, countering the “car bow effect”.

Client : Maximum Car

FUT Client Image - Maximum CarAn explosion-laden, arcade racing game that will have you feeling like a badass in seconds, Maximum Car is a collaboration between I Fight Bears, Ancient Games D.S. and tea&cheese. The game features a pixalated voxel style of artwork with ridiculous over the top action and explosions. Creating paper crafts for the game was a lot of fun, I’d already experimented in the voxel style and was eager to give it another go. The paper toys were used as promotional items at Norwich Gaming Festival

I had worked with Nicoll Hunt, the lead (only) developer at I Fight Bears in the past creating promotional materials for Fist of Awesome and was excited to design paper crafts for another project he was working on.

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