Rick and Morty Downloadable Paper Craft Toys Adult swim free toy model
Oh Jeez Rick
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Rick and Morty Downloadable Paper Craft Toys Adult swim free toy model

Print Your Own Morty

Simply click the download button above, and print your own paper model. Just cut out the parts, fold along the dotted lines and glue the tabs in order to construct a free 3D toy, expertly designed by a paper engineer with over a decade of experience.


This fun fan art project allows users to print and build their own 3D paper toys of characters from the Rick and Morty show.

Each model has rare alternative versions; the rarity of the model is shown with the medal on the model’s page.

When you click download you’re guaranteed to get the paper toy pictured above but there’s also a 1/10 chance you’ll receive “Angry Morty” and a 1/100 chance you’ll receive Morty’s robot decoy.

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 Designers Notes

Change Log

+   20/09/2017 – First model in the Rick and Morty paper toy line is released for download. I’ve created a new web-page template for the rest of the series which uses an orange and yellow colour scheme similar the the intergalactic imagery from the show. Thanks to MCK I got the randomized download button working and now have a reasonable understanding of how the coding work.

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