This collection of Halloween paper crafts are designed to be simple enough for KS2 children to build unassisted and be used as seasonal decoration in the classroom.

The models in this set were originally in the process of being designed for ENKL a sub-brand project that focused on clean and minimal textures, but the designs were altered after the ENKL project was cancelled, however the more minimal and mathematical line art is still clearly viable. In my opinion this is why the designs have aged so well.

The series included a candy holding coffin, pumpkins with interchangeableĀ faces and a skull that’s held together with the tension of the sting that’s used to hang the decoration.

These models were designed for Twinkl, a digital educational publisher creating digital resources for teachers to use in the classroom with children of all ages. I worked for Twinkl as a graphic designer and paper engineer for three years creating hundreds of educational paper crafts for use in the classroom and at home. The models I designed are available to download through their various subscription services.