PTI Man Bat Halloween Paper Toy Image Front
Huge Wingspan
Happy Halloween

The Legend of the Man-Bat

Here in the steel city of Sheffield, there is an urban legend that tells of a half man, half bat spotted flying over the moors. Sightings date back to the 1860’s and describe “a creature with a huge wingspan, white as snow and with a pink face”. Although different sightings describe the creature with different attributes, some saying they see feathers, others describing glowing red eyes, one thing has always remained the same, the creature flies overhead, swoops down to land, and vanishes.

Although I, myself have never seen this creature, I have heard tell that sightings of the beast spike around Halloween, so this October 31st I’ll be heading down to the moors, armed with binoculars and a camera waiting to see if this mysterious phenomenon bears its fangs for me.

Change Log

+   10/10/2017 – Man-Bat uploaded to FUT website, promotional image posted to Facebook with link to page.

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