Slippery When Wet

Fingar Character Bio

Lurking just under the waters surface is a fish-man hybrid. This friendly finned fiend creeps up to unsuspecting swimmers and brushed its long tail against their feet and legs.

The next time you feel something rub against your foot in the sea, feel free to tell yourself it’s just a piece of seaweed, but now you know the truth.

Additional Content

This model has had quite a life, having many variations and versions over the years. The model was originally designed as part of a set of models named Fear Folds.

The original model had two toys on a single page, named Fin and Gill, Gill being a smaller and happier version of Fin. When I was updating the model to the new FUT standard I felt that Gill was too small and awkward to build and took up too much space on the page so I decided to delete Gill altogether and use the extra space to simplify Fin’s shape.

Change Log

+   25/05/2017 – New version of Fold Up Toys website launched, with the aim of providing better loading times and better categorization. Website fixed with help from Smart-hosting team as well as Google Garage team. New version of the toy features cleaner tabs, redefined colours and new more clean layout style. The new toy page also features “in context file preview”. Now all downloads for toys are ZIP documents with multiple files inside to make downloads faster and less storage intensive.

+   28/05/2017 – Added “Designer Notes” to model page.

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