This model was part of a set of three Star Wars themed paper toys for Enkl. Enkl was a sub-brand of Twinkl, an educational digital publisher focused on clean minimal papercraft design and pop culture references. This set included the X-Wing, TIE Fighter and At-AT. Other models in the Enkl range included characters based on other pop-culture heroes.

Enkl designs used a very limited brand specific colour pallet based on popular spices, using solid white lines to separate different colours and elements.
The X-Wing paper toy used two pages.

This model is based on the Star Wars X-Wing, the “wings” attach to one another in the “X” formation before slotting into the back of the ships body section. The model was released in a verity of colour options as well as 2 page and 1 page version being available to both allow for different scales, but also make it easier for younger builders to enjoy.