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Paper craft model o the Santa Meria, the ship used by Christopher Columbus on one of his many expeditions. The model was designed in preparation for Christopher Columbus day. The paper model was based on the dimensions of a 1/65 scale model and then scaled once again after all the parts were designed to fit nicely onto four A4 pages.  As with most of the historical models I produced whilst at Twinkl, it was important to me to make the model as accurate as I could given the style and time limitation. Teachers may well be using the model as a teaching aid to point out the different parts of the ship, so simplifying the shape too much would make it inaccurate.

Group : Urban Paper Collective

FUT Client Image - Urban Paper CollectiveThe Urban Paper Collective is a group of experts in the paper engineering and paper-toy design field. Comprised of many of the worlds most well known and skilled creators the group hosts a yearly exhibition, pooling their talent into one locations as well as offering a number of exclusive downloadable models on their Website. Since the groups creation I have been a contributing member of the group attending many of the exhibitions and producing different downloadable models to fit the groups yearly themes. 

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