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Removable sword
Removable sheild & armour
Cute style!

Attacka Alpaca

Once a noble and simple alpaca, this four legged hero is thrust into adventure after a gravely injured wizard-pony bestowed a quest upon them with their dying breath. Now, using a set of enchanted and interchangeable weaponry this chivalrous alpaca must quest forth to save the realm.

The Attacka Alpaca comes with removable armour and interchangeable weaponry (sword and shield). The suggestion for this model came from an anonymous 4chan user, requesting “baby animals with attachable weapons”.

Check out the video to the side showing the design process from start to finish!

Designer's Notes

I worry that in the design video I sound like a bit of an arsehole. I keep saying things like “figure out the maths” and “that will give us good maths”, I mean to say measurements, as in, “doing X will help me figure out the measurements of this shapes face”, but I keep saying maths.

The first episode of the design series was received rather well, not a negative comment so far (that might change with the second installment). It’s definitely served as a bit of a confidence boost, that mixed with getting comfortable with being in front of the camera again resulted in a much more relaxed recording.

The video ended up being just under 20 minutes long, which is a problem, I was aiming for 10. I got side-tracked trying to explain some useful paper engineering techniques and designing all the diagrams to accompany the explanation that the video ended being way too long. I’ll try to cut back in the future.

On a side note, having to spent 20 or so hours editing footage of my face has solidified my plans to get teeth whitening.

Change Log

+   06/08/2017 – Attacka Alpaca model is uploaded along with the accompanying design video.

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