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Eren Yeager

The first in a new line of paper crafts inspired by internet suggestions. Eren Yeager is the protagonist of the popular anime Attack on Titan, a show in which humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction and now hides behind giant walls, fearing the day the titans break through. To fight against the titans the military uses ODM gear (omni-directional mobility gear), a set of devices that shoot tethers into both titans and terrain alike.

The suggestion for this model came from an anonymous 4chan user, requesting “Chibi Shinjeki no Kyojin characters”.

Check out the video to the side showing the design process from start to finish!

Designer's Notes

This was a fun project to start the “show and tell” video project with. I’m a big fan of Attack on Titan and this paper craft gave me the perfect excuse to re-visit the series and introduce it to my house mate (who now loves the show too). This paper craft was mostly used as a test run for filming and editing the process of how I design paper crafts and helped me realize a lot of the issues I’ll be running into during this video series.

Firstly, this model had far too many prototypes, I need to make the designs simpler and limit the toys to 1 (or 2 at the most) proto builds. Another issue is finding a way to condense 10-19 hours of footage into a single video, still showing enough of the process for it to be useful for aspiring paper craft designs to pick up some tips and tricks, but keeping it entertaining enough that someone who has no plans to build the model still finds it interesting.

Either way, the second video in the series will probably be a lot better than this episode. I could have sat on the footage waiting until the edit was “perfect” but in my opinion this usually just leads to projects not being released. It’s better to just get it out there and see what happens.

It’s also interesting to see how I’m not as comfortable in front of the camera as I once was, I feel far more self conscious about my looks, appearance and speech since beginning my transition. I think it’s probably because before, no one was really expecting me to look or act a certain way, I could just be wacky and stupid and no one would care. Where as now I feel pressure to look and appear feminine, which is an understandable expectation really, however I worry the internet will have a very high standard that I will be unable to meet, and will more than happy to point out how I still look like a man. It’s nothing I can’t deal with mind you.

Change Log

+   27/07/2017 – First release of model, download file includes the finished model, a blank version and a version with no hair or symbols allowing people to make their own characters.

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