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Detailed Fur

About Project

The series of toys for Creationist Cat offered some unique problems. The initial set of three toys featured a very detailed style, with a focus on making sure the cat’s fur properly curves around the face and tail. This detailed style would be something I’d later regret a little, as the decision to design four more cat toys.

The original CC toy is the “naked” cat holding a copy of the bible, the client gave a lot of input to how the cat’s face should look, changing the mouth and eyes multiple times to give the perfect, cheeky expression. Later holiday themed versions of the model featured the cat in different outfits and costumes.

Designers Notes

This was the first of the Creationist Cat models to feature the default cat model in a costume and as such caused a few problems. The detailed stile that was established with the fur needed to continue onto the fabrics and folds of the outfit. I hadn’t worked with much cloth and fabric textures at the time and in retrospect I believe this shows.  Applying the outfit was also complicated by the a-symmetrical body of the cat

Client : Creationist Cat

Creationist Cat is a satirical Youtube channel about a cat who was “zapped” by God through the internet, granting him super intelligence and telekinetic powers, which he used to spread the word of Christ.  The character of Creationist Cat often finds himself in online debates with online sceptics, who despite seeing a talking, super intelligent cat, demand more proof of the lords power.

I was commissioned to create a set of downloadable models as rewards for the channels online patrons. After the initial set of three toys were finished, more were designed to co-inside with various holidays.

Eternians Collection`

Binding of Issac Collection`


~Whomp! Promotional Toy


~ToyCon UK Promotional Mascot