PTI - Enkl Twinkl Vintage Car paper toy craft model - Blue Main
Minimal Texture
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About This Project

This model was part of a set of five vintage car paper models. Each paper toy represented a different classic car, other models in the Enkl range included characters based on other pop-culture heroes, simple rainy day crafts and minimal desk decorations.

Enkl designs used a very limited brand specific colour pallet based on popular spices, using solid white lines to separate different colours and elements.


Alex Josephine Gwynne is a graphic designer and paper engineer with over a decade of experience designing paper toys and paper crafts.

Alex has turned their obsession with paper based design into a career designing for a wide verity of clients including game developers, book publishers and educational providers. Their constant drive to create engaging paper products and international exhibition pieces has lead to numerous awards and seen their work featured in news papers, magazines and BBC television. Overall Alex believes in the power of paper as a 3D medium and lives by the mantra “limitation breeds innovation” striving to find elegant solutions to complex problems.


Enkl was a sub brand of Twinkl, a digital educational publisher, created to design high quality printable craft products aimed at the Pintrest marketplace. The brand has a set of strict guidelines including only sixteen colours and complex rules about how lines would interact with one another across each design. The brand, which was created by Alex Gwynne whilst working with Twinkl’s head of brand was unfortunately short lived, but many paper toys and crafts were created in the line before being discontinued.

The sharp lines and clean textures of Enkl live on in many of Fold Up Toys more minimal paper toy projects, the brand served as a starting point for refining the 2D to 3D design workflow.

Change Log

19/04/2019 – Portfolio item uploaded to FUT website


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