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It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, sorry about that, I enjoy designing toys and dislike writing things, so I focus on the former rather than the latter. I just wanted to make a little post explaining why I had to remove the Rick and Morty fan art paper toys that were previously available for free.

Long story short, I got a take down request from a company working on behalf of Cartoon Network to remove the toys. The take down request was for everything on the site related to Rick and Morty, no matter how small or irrelevant and include an unrelated blog post from 2017 which included a photo of one of the Rick paper toy as well as a blog post which contained nothing but a link to a Youtube video which has been deleted for over 3 years.

I tried altering the pages to make it abundantly clear that they were a work of fan art that were available as free downloads and were in no way officially associated with Rick and Morty or Cartoon Network but that wasn’t enough. Eventually it became clear the issue was not with the toys being available to download, or the way in which they were presented, but with any and all inclusion of them on the website at all.

Through my back and forth with the company, it became clear that they were against even having photos of the fan art on the website in any form and it ended with them giving me 24 hours to remove the content before they escalated the issue. It sucks and is ultimately unproductive for the Rick and Morty brand to take down small fan art pieces like this, but there’s not really anything I can do about it.

Sorry about that folks. I would put a photo of the toys in this blog post, but they’d probably just send me a take down request again, so instead the image cover for this post is a photo of lasagne.

If you’ve every posted Rick and Morty fan art, be careful.

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