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Interviewed In Popular Machanics

By 17/12/2019No Comments

I had a quick and cheeky little interview for Popular Mechanics about my recently released Tesla Cybertruck paper toy. Considering the model was a spur of the moment, single day project it’s become quite the hit, bringing in over 4,000 views to its download page in a singe day!
You can read it here: Popular Mechanics Interview.

The design was also featured in a piece for Interesting Engineering, which you can read here : Interesting Engineering Piece.

It’s always so exciting to see where my designs inspire interest, especially when they reach out to find out more about this fantastic hobby. Not long ago Boingboing had an image heave article about my Death Stranding toys.
You can catch it here : Boingboing article.

I’ve been debating if I should work on a “featured in” section to the website just linking to various articles and blogs etc that have taken a look at my designs, because I’ve been really bad at publicising these interviews and features over the years.
For example, did you know I was interviewed in Star Wars Insider magazine? NO! No one did because I forgot to mention it.

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