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Winter Blowout #3 – Rorschach Project

By 13/12/2018No Comments
Continuing my barrage of releases this December, I’ve released the Rorschach Project onto the website. The project consists of 60 collectible papertoys inspired by “slug” injection molded toys and created using hand drawn images mixed with automated scripts and randomized colours.You can download all 60 of the Rorschach models now, just follow the link.

The Rorschach Project was designed to take control away from myself as the designer and give more control to a randomized automated process. During this projects development I was obsessed with making each moment as productive as possible. I was obsessed with finding ways to make even short trips on public transport or a coffee break at work into productive time, I realized I needed a way to create the input quickly with just a pen and paper and automate the rest of the paper toy design process which would otherwise consume too much time.

The final project was a combination of automatically generated art and hand drawn illustration. Each series was created from a single drawing using a combination of action scripts and javascript. The script automatically split a photo of an illustration into two and mirrored it to create a symmetrical design (similar to that of a Rorschach) and added two colours selected at random, one dark and one light to create each model. The action script would then generate previews of the newly textured model from the front and back. This process took just a matter of minutes to take a drawing and turn it into a series of six unique paper toy models.

In total 10 series of Rorschach models were produced experimenting with different illustration styles and techniques. You can download each series on the FUT website along with a fun checklist poster to help keep track of which models you have and haven’t built.


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