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Halloween Special – Let’s Design

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Secret Notes

I’ve been continuing my “run and gun” mentality when it comes to content creation. I’ve also been adding some other rules of thumb to help me create more interesting videos that you might have noticed in my more recent videos. These concepts have helped me push through obstacles that would have normally halted production and can really be noticed in this Halloween special as something that stands out.

-Get Outside.

Instead of filming all of my video from the comfort and control of my office I’ve been making more of an effort to film outside. This creates many problems with lighting, equipment, audio and more but also helps to create more interesting and dynamic scenes. If it’s just a clip of me talking into a microphone, instead of doing it at the desk, head outside.

-Find a new angle.

When I’m filming inside however I’m finding new angles to film from, whether it be under my desk, in the bath or crawling down the stairs there are a lot of unexplored angles in everyday spaces.

– There is no bad weather, only interesting backdrops.

I’ve been filming in the rain and wind a lot.

-Add simple narrative structure to information.

There are a few more but I think they’ll develop as I keep filming in this more impromptu style.

As for the Halloween special itself, I’m not thrilled with how it came out, I like last years more. But this was an interesting learning experience none the less. It’s worth checking out at least for the dance at the end.

Toy Design Video

Continuing the tradition that was first started last year, here’s the Halloween special of Let’s Design. In this episode I create some spooky Halloween decorations including a skeleton, zombie head and skull using cheap plastic tat found in discount stores.

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