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NEW VIDEO : This Disease Makes You Vomit Flowers

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Secret Notes

I’m doing a bit of an experiment at the moment. I’ve noticed a troubling trend where I have an idea, I start planning out how to execute that idea and then before I know it three months has past I have 12 pages of research and concept art for the idea and then never end up producing anything. I’m suffocating under the weight of the newly formed idea monolith. I become paralyzed by planning, stuck in a cycle of non-production due to attempted over- production.

That’s why I’ve been playing fast and loose recently, I’m playing run and gun with ideas and running head first into production. I’m just having ideas and then trying to make them with just a little forethought.

You’ve already seen one of these more spontaneous projects, Inktober. I wasn’t planning to take part this year until I joined a random chat room and saw peoples submissions, I decided to dive in there and then with no planning and it felt great. This video is the second project under this new spontaneous banner.

I found out about hanahaki disease recently though my Inktober illustrations and was fascinated by the concept and that made me do some research into emotions as visual metaphors and Victorian floriogrophy.
Be nice Р Alex

P.S. You can download the full version of the thumbnail image if you’d like. It’s a photo of myself vomiting flowers. I recorded the design process of this picture and will be uploading it as a Patreon exclusive soon.

"Educational" Video

This is the first time I’ve made a video like this, it’s a little more educational than my normal content. I know the camera and audio stuff is a little all over the place in this video. I want to get better at this style of content and the best way to get good at making anything, is to make a whole bunch of not-so-good stuff.

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