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Inktober Day 3 : Roasted

By 02/10/2018No Comments

Today’s trio of Inktober drawings are all finished before bedtime.
This last week I’ve been celebrating my other hearts birthday by doing “a thing a day”. They took some time off of work so I wanted to make the most of what little quality time the two of us have.

They go back to work tomorrow, I’d be lying if I said I wont miss having so much time together, but I also am dying to get back to my work schedule. I get a bit fidgety when I’m not designing something, so I’m itching to get back to work and feeling extra motivated.

Today’s activity was a simple one, go to a shopping center to pick up a few things. We ended up having a tasty Japanese meal and some ice-cream before heading back to Ikea for the second time this week to grab a mirror. On the way home we had three rubbish bus drivers in a row!

The first drove a single stop before telling us they were terminating the service and we had to get off. The second wouldn’t let us on with the mirror, instructing us to put it into a black bin bag before bringing it on. The mirror was already in a vacuum sealed packaging plastic, but I guess the colour of that plastic plays a pivotal role in bus safety. The third driver tried to tell us our tickets were invalid so we had to argue our way onto the bus.

Today’s Inktober / Goretober were; roasted, cannibalism and drowning. You can check out the full images below, or on my social media.

In other news it looks like I lost a Patreon supporter due to the PLUS upgrade. It’s a shame, but I hope they at least downloaded all of the exclusive models before leaving so they got their moneys worth.

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