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Inktober Day 2 : Tranquil

By 01/10/2018October 2nd, 2018No Comments

Look at me go, two days in a row!

Today I had to fix a washing machine, carry a cat to the vets in a fancy new cat-backpack and buy/assemble some Ikea furniture. My housemate also made me watch one of the Mission Impossible movies which I found really irritating because if the secret cool government people have all this amazing technology and gadgets at their disposal, why hasn’t the government used that same tech to improve millions of lives? They had a magnetic hover suit!

Anyways, before bed I did my three Inktober illustrations, It features the prompts ; decapitation, chains and tranquil. You can find the stand alone versions of the images below, or on my social media. -A.G.

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