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Fold Up Toys PLUS Launch – 12 Exclusive Models NOW

By 30/09/2018No Comments

PLUS is finally here, now you can after the more press release styled post the other day, I asked for some feedback from Patreon supporters. Based on that feedback, here’s a super simplified version of what PLUS is all about.

  • Coming exclusives will accumulate in a premium library, instead of being individually sent, making downloads instantly accessible.
  • You pay for patronage at sign-in or beginning of the month, for a month’s worth of access to the exclusive content.
  • I’m not charging patrons in September because I was too busy updating the FUT website to release the monthly toy. Instead the charge on October 1st will cover Octobers PLUS membership.
  • You can read more about the specifics of PLUS here, as well as on the PLUS page here.

To launch PLUS, members will have access to twelve exclusive models

More exclusive blog posts and models will be added to the PLUS page over the coming week as the project is fleshed out.

Thanks for sticking with me during this confusing month. I really appreciate your support and it keeps me motivated not only to release more models onto the PLUS section, but also more free toys and videos. Now that I’ve got the boring corporate PLUS launch blog posts out of the way, we can get back to my usual ramblings.

I recently bought some cheap and tacky Halloween skeleton decorations that I’m planning to photograph and turn into downloadable toys, so I’ll tidy up my office and get back to work.

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