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PLUS Exclusive : Inktober Wrap Up

By 14/11/2017 No Comments

Hello my lovely patrons! This week has been rather hectic, I’ve taken on a small holiday job to help with rent so I’ve been having lots of little interviews, in between those I’ve been hard as work as always folding paper and releasing models.

The Fold Up Toys website has recently seen a bunch of new Halloween toys being added to its portfolio, many of which patrons from October will recognise from the Halloween Craft Pack.

I’ve also recently released a paper toy of a porg, from the new Star Wars movie coming out at the end of the year to try and get some new site viewers. However, the most requested release is finally here all 18 of the models designed for Inktober are now available for download with a single click (no more scrolling through Instagram saving them one at a time).

With all of these releases and non-paper related activities I don’t have much behind the scenes news to report this week, but I can say this…

I’m working on a new social media campaign for 2018, going over the various social media accounts associated with myself and Fold Up Toys, re-branding them and making them a little more cohesive. In the past I’ve neglected social media, but I now feel more comfortable using it, and want to grow this Fold Up Family along with you.