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Randomized Skull Elements

By 18/09/2017September 15th, 2018No Comments

rick and morty blog post imageThis week has been a mixed bag of learning new skills and laying the ground work for a new line of models.

The week started with learning the basics of a set of code with help from fellow paper toy designer MCK. Creating a test piece for randomized paper toy designs. This is something I’ve been striving to create for an awfully long time and it was extremely satisfying learning how to create such a thing and making a working prototype.

I designed a randomly generating paper craft of a skull, nothing too complex. It has randomized eyes, nose, teeth colour and patterns, resulting in just under 100,000 possible combinations.

The rest of the week I’ve been designing toys for a new series. Rick and Morty is one of the most popular shows out there right now but there’s a severe lack of paper toys relating to it, I think it might be because the character designs feature long, thin limbs and rounded heads. I’ve decided to not only fill this gap, but to create a whole new series and style of figures that can fully embody the weird and wonderful alien life often featured on the show.

I’ve currently designed the first four models that will be featured in the set, and am aiming to release them for download on the Fold Up Toys website next week if I can get a snippet of code to work in time. I’ve got some big ideas for this series, so I’m hoping I can capture the hearts of the Rick and Morty fan base.

Next week I’ll have further news on these new models, but as always keep your eyes peeled on my social media for photos and videos of upcoming projects.

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