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Designing Toys Hungover

By 10/08/2017September 17th, 2018No Comments

Secret Notes

What can I even say about this video? It’s an hour and a half of toy design, but with the added benefits of hearing me talk about identity. Something I think is important to take way from this video is the idea that the version of me you seeing these videos isn’t real, it’s produced and carefully constructed. I have the ability to edit in or out anything I want and deliver a version of myself I feel is the most interesting or beneficial. I think this video does a good job of conveying this concept.

Toy Design Video

In this video Alex designs a toy for the Urban Paper Collective’s annual exhibition whilst battling a brutal hangover. Unlike other videos in the Let’s Design series this video shows the whole design process in real time whilst Alex commentates. The video takes a strange turn when deeper topics of “thew true self” and self identity come into the forefront.

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