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13/12/2018 in Uncategorized

Winter Blowout #3 – Rorschach Project

Continuing my barrage of releases this December, I’ve released the Rorschach Project onto the website. The project consists of 60 collectible papertoys inspired by “slug” injection molded toys and created using hand drawn images mixed with automated scripts and randomized colours.You can download all 60 of the Rorschach models now,…
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12/12/2018 in Uncategorized

Winter Blowout #2 – Snow Block NEW Exclusive

Here's a little extra holiday gift for Patreon supporters this year. This simple little Snow Block papertoy was hidden away inside a memory stick that was lodged between my desk and the wall. Lost for years until now. £5 tier supporters can download the model HERE. (Note: This isn't the…
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