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19/12/2019 in Article

“Tesla could make some money with licensing objects” – FUT on InsideEVs

InsideEVs has a nice little write up about Tesla, licencing and Fol Up Toys. "Tesla could make some money with licensing objects and toys related to the electric pickup truck. We suspect that, if Tesla wanted to license toys and objects inspired by the Cybertruck, it could make some decent money just by doing…
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19/12/2019 in Article

Car and Driver call FUT Tesla “Possibly the Best Application of Tesla Cybertruck’s Design”

Popular automotive site Car and Driver just ran an article about Fold Up Toys Tesla Cybertruck paper craft with the headline... "Possibly the Best Application of Tesla Cybertruck's Design Is This DIY Paper Version" Personally, I disagree, but I'm not going to complain about the good publicity. You can read…
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