About the Design

This paper-toy contains six tiny refugees and a single yellow dingy. The individual components of the toy are quick and easy to build but might be a little too small for some people.
All of the refugees fit snug inside of the boat, fitting inside similar to Tetris pieces.

The final result is a surprisingly large paper model considering it’s a single page project, and contains many small characters.

Designer's Notes

This toy was designed in 2015 during the “refugee crisis”.

It’ll be interesting if people look for some deeper political message in this model, since there isn’t one. I just liked the concept of a model containing lots of tiny models crammed into a small shape. This is a similar concept the original batch of Minecraft Mini models.

I wanted the flat template to look equally crammed, trying to fill as much of the page with models as possible.

I decided to make the model bright contrasting colours yellow and pink to avoid there being any issue of race brought up. Plus with this new colour scheme I could make the models without being clothed.


Forge : Hope Works

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X-plore (UPC 2016)

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