October 2017
Advanced Paper Engineering

About This Project

The Neko Mecho Mouse model is part of the Advanced series of paper toys. Designed as a reward for Patreon supporters the paper toy series features advanced paper toy techniques that may prove too complicated or outlandish for general consumers. The aim is to impress and inspire fellow paper toy designs and experiment with unusual building techniques, all whilst creating a stunning built model.

The line also features a minimal, clean  graphic style, focusing instead on the shape and sculpt of the model. Neko Mecho Mouse was given to October patrons for their support.

Change Log

+   25/05/2017 – New version of Fold Up Toys website launched, with the aim of providing better loading times and better categorization. Website fixed with help from Smart-hosting team as well as Google Garage team. New version of the toy features cleaner tabs, redefined colours and new more clean layout style. The new toy page also features “in context file preview”. Now all downloads for toys are ZIP documents with multiple files inside to make downloads faster and less storage intensive.

Utilitrap 70


Stalker V6


Heated Companion


Bean Cleaner