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Live Stream Set Up

Live streams are something I’ve wanted to get back into doing for a while. Back in the day there were few things I enjoyed more than turning on my screen capture, streaming on Twitch and making a fool out of myself for a hundred or so people.


Not only did the hobby feed my hungry ego, but it also worked as quite a nice motivator, the chat room of random people are all to happy to tear someone to shreds over their appearance, so I would make sure I looked presentable, along with my backdrop. Sometimes if I wanted to motivate myself to tidy up, I would announce I was doing a live stream in a few hours, leaving myself no choice but to clean everything up, myself included.

Now I think it would be a useful motivator in a few other ways as well. Most days I sit/work in FUT projects for 6-8 hours a day, I treat it as much as I can like a regular day job, but when you’re the only one holding yourself accountable it’s all to easy to let yourself off the hook. Relax, watch a few episodes of that show you’re into, have another break, you deserve it etc.

Having a few pairs of eyes peering into my office, seeing what I’m working on and able to comment on the projects progress will act as a good external pressure to keep my nose to the grind stone.

Today I got my stream rig working like a charm. It features 3 cameras, one on top of my tablet to act as a face camera, another on an adjustable arm, perfect for pointing towards whatever I’m working on and the third is mounted onto the ceiling giving the viewer access to my whole office when it’s needed. This on top of being able to show any of my screens should allow me to stream whatever project I could possibly want to share.

I gave it a test run on my second unscripted channel, if watching someone tidy a room whilst relaxing music plays sounds like something you’d enjoy, you’re in the right place.

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